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Friday, August 26, 2011

What to Wear- Pantone's Fall 2011 (8): Nougat & Coffee Liqueur

Sometimes I need a little chocolate in my life!  I don't know about you, but there are those weeks when I just need to be surrounded by chocolate in order to make it through the work day!  I decided to take that and Pull Together an outfit in hopes that this will get me through the day without eating all the sweets. 

As Fall starts becoming more real everyday, I fall in love with Pantone's Fall 2011 colors a little more too.  I am sure you are probably tired of me going on about these colors but I had to share it with you just one more time. :)  If you want to look back at some of the other posts dedicated to the Fall 2011 colors from Pantone, you can get there using these links: Pantone1, Pantone2, Pantone3, Pantone4, Pantone5, Pantone6, Pantone7

Wearing monotone pieces doesn't have to be boring at all! In fact, mixing it up and breaking out of your all black look (I know you catch yourself doing that too), using the same concept but wearing all soft browns can really change up your look without taking you too far outside of your comfort zone.  Wearing head to toe monotone colors or shades of brown is just as slimming as any all black outfit that you could put on.  The verticle cascades on the blouse draw the eye up and create length in your torso while the wide waste band trousers create enough structure to hold you in while the solid color keeps your eyes moving in one solid line from head to toe.  Throw in metallic accessories in the same tones and you have great interest without changing the overall look of the outfit.  As the days get chillier, this look can shift into Fall with the addition of a great blazer or cardigan sweater.

 I hope you are inspired to try out the beiges and browns and wrap yourself in a little chocolate therapy when you Pull Together this fantastic look!

  • Stone Lace Collar Top $46 -

  • Studio Stretch Wide Waistband Editor Pant  $

  • Smoke Leopard Heels $25 -

  • Linea Standalone tote bag $49 -

  • Sondra's Triple Row Chocolate Brown Simulated Pearl Bracelet $20 -

  • Large Faceted Wire Wrap Ring $14 -

  • Misty's Brown Crystal Leaf Cluster Drop Earrings $50 -

  • OPI Nail Polish Samoan Sand: Beauty $3.55 -

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