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Saturday, August 6, 2011

What to Wear - Pantone's Fall 2011 (1): Bamboo, Cedar, Coffee Liqueur

I am in love with Pantone's Fall 2011 colors that were recently announced.  I have come to love fall even through the worst of my allergies, I mean how can you not get excited about boots and big chunky sweaters?!?!?  Anyway, like a new toy, as soon as you have the new color trends, I can't wait to play with them!  The challenge of the Autumn cross over is wearing the colors even in the heat of the August weather.  I have some great ideas and will do a series of posts based on various combos of the fall 2011 colors from Pantone. You can see some of the other posts in the Pantone series using this link: Pantone (7)

I hope that this set inspires you to pull together seasonal crossover looks with these fantastic colors without feeling like you have to pull out the heavy sweaters and over heat yourself.

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  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with the Daytrip Heathered Stripe Flyaway Cardigan!! I think this may need to be one of my next purchases!