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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What to Wear - Pantone's Fall 2011 (2): Honeysuckle, Deep Teal, Coffee Liqueur

As you may have read in an earlier post (Pantone's Fall 2011 (1)), I am in love with, and so excited about, the announcement of the Fall 2011 colors from Pantone!  As expected, the Spring/Summer hit color, Honeysuckle, has continues into the Fall color list as this year's top color. This set combines the pink and teal with the earthy coffee to bring Honeysuckle from summer to fall!

I have been asked how (and why) someone would wear the Honeysuckle pink in the Fall.  I happen to be a HUGE fan of pink so any time of year is a pink time of year for me.  However, I do see how some people can see pink as a warm weather color so I have decided to add my Honeysuckle style set in today's post to give a great example of how you can de-Summerize this year's top color.

I hope these great finds and nice prices, inspire you to Pull Together a little more Honeysuckle pink into your wardrobe as we crossover from summer to fall.

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