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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What To Wear - Office Presentation with Personality

Hi All!  I am very excited to say that a good friend of mine is going to have an interview tomorrow which includes a presentation so today I am posting about my friend and what she is going to wear tomorrow.  I stepped in  to help her shop her closet and dress up her black pants and blazer to create a winning interview/presentation look.  She's got the brains, she's got the skills and now hopefully she will have a fantastic and memorable look that is polished, professional and gives a splash of personality.

The multi layer necklace will be peaking out from behind the statement collar of the satin blouse that will catch the light without being flashy.  The classic, conservative look of the black suite still has a taste of personality in this case because we added the deep purple color that can be found in the solid colored sleeveless blouse, pointed heels and fabulous handbag which will be tucked away during the presentation of course. For the nails and face, I recommend a coordinated but more muted and traditional shade and tone of the purple accent on the nails while a light mauve, pearly finished gloss tops the lips.  For interviews, natural is better than a show face but in this case, we are going for a look that the audience can see from the back row.  For an interview/presentation, try to go for the effect of a subtly colored pearlized sheen rather than blasting color, which may come off during the presentation and end up looking sloppy and undone.  Finish the face with a touch of glow on the cheeks to reflect the light as she knocks them dead!  

When in doubt, remember interviews and presentations are like a conservative showcase of yourself.  Always polished, finished and focused on every detail, add a touch of personality to your conservative look to make you memorable and let your abilities shine! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home Organization - Folding that Freakin' Fitted Sheet!


I have been having a nightmare of a time this weekend doing enough laundry to fill a castle ( and I am not sure where it all came from).  The hardest part, which I usually push to the end of the list, was folding the clean linens.  In particular, the freakin' fitted sheets are what gives me the moment of insanity.  

If your linen closet/cabinet/pile looks anything like mine, then you have your fitted sheets in a big frustrated, rolled up, massive ball of a sheet.  I found this tutorial with images, that ACTUALLY WORKED!!!  I have to share this trick with you so your closet/cabinet/pile (and mine) can finally have a chance at looking like the magazines…. OR at least nice enough that you aren’t running full speed, screaming in horror, trying to stop guests before they open your linen closet J

image via Martha Stewart

How to:
1. With the sheet inside out, place one hand in each of two adjacent corners.

2. Bring your right hand to your left, and fold the corner in your right hand over the one in your left, so the corner on top is right side out. 

3.  Next, reach down and pick up the corner that is adjacent to the one that was in your right hand (it will be hanging in front), and fold it over the other two; this third corner will be inside out.

4. Bring the last corner up, and fold it over the others so it is right side out.

5. Lay the sheet flat, and straighten it into the shape shown above.

6. Fold the two edges in, folding the edge with elastic in first, so all elastic is hidden.

7. Fold the strip into a smaller rectangle.

8. Continue folding until rectangle is the size you want.

NOTE: directions made for a right-handed person; if you are a "leftie" then use the hand opposite the one suggested above

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th Of July - Last minute Frozen Firework Treats

Hey All!  Happy Independence Day to you all!!!

I don't know about you all but this last week I was hit with a DOOOOOOZY of a storm that knocked out our otherwise reliable power in the area for the longest 3 days!  Oh yeah, did I mention that it was right in the middle of the latest nationwide heat wave??  well it was.  Needless to say, with the power outage, lost groceries, work and the holiday falling in the middle of the week, I am totally not ready for the 4th of July this year.

Since I am running behind I was so happy to find a great posting for last minute treats to take to the fireworks without needing too many groceries (bonus! since I lost all mine this week) and you don't need too much time.  Now that I have raved about the ease of these last minute treats, I guess I should share them so you can head out to the fireworks too. Luckily if you do run out of time for these cool treats, I have a fabulous feeling that these fruity Tea-sicles will be perfect for any hot day this summer!

Berry-Lime Popsicles (I like 2call them Tea-sicles)

YIELD: 8 popsicles


8 3-ounce plastic cups
sliced strawberries
12 ounces Berry Lime Iced Tea (or flavor of choice)


1. Fill each cup halfway full with fresh fruit. Add about 1.5 ounces of Iced Tea to fill each cup. Do not overfill.
2. Cover each cup with a small piece of foil and insert a popsicle stick into the center of each cup.
3. Freeze for at least 4 hours.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Do I Wear This? Tina's Unworn Pieces (Part3)

The last two posts, I introduced some fantastic pieces from a readers closet, that have gone unworn for no other reason than the owner doesn’t know how to wear these beloved clothing pieces.   If you are like Tina (and me…) then you ask the same question that so many of us have as we look into our full closets and can’t figure out a single thing to wear.  "HOW DO I WEAR THIS????"

Today is Part 3 of this “How Do I Wear This?” post as I go through some of the pieces Tina has issues with, share how I identify what she (& each of us) love about the pieces we don't wear and Pull Together the perfect look so our favs don't sit alone in a dark wardrobe anymore. 

So, here's how you get started...
When you find yourself caught up in the confusion of how to wear a fantastic blouse or a trendy top, ask (and answer in detail) what you love about that specific top.  You can always practice with a pet, friend or try this activity in your head, they key is to literally describe the piece to you or someone else.

It would go something like this when I asked Tina for her description: 

Question- Describe this unworn top to me!

Answer- "My sister gave it to me as a gift, I love the color purple and it’s a nice purple in the front, more of a blue purple on the whole back and then navy neck.  It’s really square, so I don’t know how to wear it or what to wear it with, since there are so many colors.  Do I do purple or blue? I don’t know, so I feel bad that I haven’t worn it since my sister gave it to me.”

Try to remember my spiel from the other posts - It doesn't matter what words they use, what's important is where in the description their eyes light up and what aspect they love most!  Then, accentuate the aspect of those shoes that made those peepers pop!

Today I focus on an awesome color block top Tina received as a gift and still doesn't know how to wear.

This top was hard to find when I made the sample looks below, so I used one that was very similar in cut, shape and color.  Since these looks are samples that help us get the conceptual plans for Pulling Together looks in our own closets or at our favorite stores, so don't focus on the differences of the top, but more so on the similarities. 

Look Number 1:
Tina's purple & navy sleeveless blouse is the inspiration for this brightly colored spring look. Color block heels with a touch of the color from the blouse, pulls the pieces together without being too matchy, matchy AND adds different colors into the whole look. Skinny pants in a yellow, complimentary to her skin tone as well as the top add a lighter layer to the dark blouse. The jewelry was chosen in black and brighter yellow color pallet to really make the color blocking trend pop this Spring/Summer season. Have fun with color and turn up the bright for this fun look!

Look Number 2:

Look number 2 is a more neutral and traditional option for Tina's blouse. The classic square lines of Jackie Kennedy’s tops are back and all over the fashion scene. I couldn't help but be inspired by Jackie when styling Tina's top into an entire look. Keeping the look simple, I accessorized with a classic stack of pearl and diamond bracelets and pair of earrings. Oversized sunglasses are perfectly on trend with this whole retro  look, as long as the glasses and jewelry aren't too bedazzled, they work with the outfit no matter the color. A staple of Jackie's wardrobe is a fabulous pair of flats so I added pearl colored flats with an accent bow in the color or the accent on the sleeveless blouse. Neutral and clean lined cropped ankle pants keeps this style casual with a vintage glam flare. A modern handbag in the repeated pearl color finishes the classic look with an updated twist.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How do I Wear This? Tina's Unworn Pieces (Part2)

Yesterday, I was telling you about a fantastic question that came from a fabulous friend and reader who has some favorite pieces in her closet and faces the same issue so many of us have faces as we look into the closet.  

Today is part 2 of that post as I go through some of the pieces she has issues with, share how I identify what she (and each of us) love about the pieces we don't wear and Pull Together the perfect look so our favs don't sit alone in a dark wardrobe anymore.  

When you find yourself caught up in the confusion of how to wear your fav shoe, ask (and answer in detail) what you love about the footwear.  Practice with a friend or mentally practice this activity when you get stumped but literally describe the piece. 

It would go something like this when I asked Tina for her description:  

Question- Describe this pair of shoes to me!
Answer- "It's a wedge in black with amazing texture, a hint of boho/artsy flare and amazingly unique cut outs in the wood heel"

Try to remember my spiel from the other posts - It doesn't matter what words they use, what's important is where in the description their eyes light up and what aspect they love most!  Then, accentuate the aspect of those shoes that made those peepers pop! 

Today we focused on the pair of shoes that Tina recently found (and LOVES) but doesn't know how to wear.

Sample Outfit Using the Above Piece:

Why It Works:
The shoe is black (although the sample look image doesn't look black) and has textured leather work so I wanted to bring out the amazing artistry in the texture of the ankle and foot straps by bringing in a similar crochet pattern  in a cropped cardi in the same color.  Texture is also reflected in the coral bangles. A fav. spring color combo of mine is Coral & Kelly Green so I paired a ruffle front sleeveless coral flirty skirted dress with a luscious green buckled bag and sweet green floral earrings.  The dress is feminine and the fullness has a slightly boho feel with a classic cut and topped with a braided leather belt pulls the shoe back into the upper half of the whole look.  Layer it up and rock it when you go out this spring!