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Monday, August 15, 2011

What to Wear - Pantone's Fall 2011 (4) : Emberglow & Bamboo

Happy Monday!  I am back to boasting about the upcoming Fall colors and talk about how we can wear them before the real Autumn weather kicks in. This Fall's color pick from Pantone are so warm and fun that I am inspired to start building fall sets even when it's 100+ degrees outside my door. I hope you enjoy this warm and toasty set!  Check out my other "What To Wear" posts that are inspired by various combinations of Pantone's Fall 2011 color trends: Pantone 1, Pantone 2, Pantone 3

Emberglow, what a gorgeous name for a color.  It is a perfect color for this seasonal crossover color and it works beautifully in a set being worn when fall comes in full season too.  Bamboo is a earthy golden tone that can swing between the heat of summer and the crisp air of fall and I love the combination of the Emberglow and Bamboo colors from Pantone's Fall 2011 colors.  Anchor the bright orange and yellow tones with two more of Pantone's Fall 2011 colors; Nougat and Coffee Liqueur, who's browns are more muted and almost milky.  I am a lover of chocolate so I equate the Nougat to the the center of the 3 Musketeers candy bar and the Coffee Liqueur as being more the outside milk chocolatey coating of a 3 Musketeers. So when you are going for the look of these two colors just make sure you keep a 3 Musketeers bar handy.  Remember, it doesn't count if you are only eating the candy to inspire your wardrobe ;o)

I hope that this casual-career friendly set inspires you to pull together some fantastic looks with Emberglow, Bamboo, Nougat and Coffee Liqueur.  I included the links to purchase these exact pieces but as always, challenge yourself to shop within your own closet or at your favorite discount store. 

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