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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Workshop - Wrapping Organization

Do you have a pile of wrapping paper that is either crushed or unrolls, falls over and wrinkles up every time the wind blows or you happen to look at it???  If I sound a little cynical it's because I have been fighting a losing battle with my wrapping paper for the last month and a half and I AM cynical. haha.  I have been hunting my house for items I can combine to corral my paper rolls and make a nice looking, organized area to house my paper and I think I found exactly what I have been needing!!!

Today I want to share this easy way to store and display your wrapping rolls, providing easy access when you need to, for less than what I waste on lost wrapping paper every year.  Brooklyn Limestone at BrooklynLimestone In Progress, found some kitchen accessories at Ikea for under $20 and shows us how to  Pull Together a functional and stylish wrapping paper home that I would be proud to show off.

While shopping Ikea, she found a few kitchen accessories and wondered if that might do the trick. Turned out to be just perfect for what this organizer wanted. For $20, she hopes to never waste another roll of beautiful paper again. The best part? It was super easy to install.

All supplies are at Ikea, except for the screws..... so keep that in mind so you don't get as frustrated as she did and as I got trying to find screws.  Just plan to head over to Home Depot now, so you have the extra stop in your planned project time.

Brooklyn simply screwed the bars onto the inside of a closest door, hung the baskets and used the curtain clips to hang the gift wrap.

Such a small and easy project but I love how it turned out. And look - there is even room for a few more rolls. Hmmm. :)

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