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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What to Wear - Pantone's Fall 2011 (5): Orchid Hush

Loving the Pantone series of What To Wear posts? Well since I can't hear your answer, I will assume that you said yes and continue with my posts of these beautiful colors and how we can wear them now, before the Autumn air actually arrives. If you are interested in seeing earlier posts using the colors from Pantone's Fall 2011 trends, then you can use these links: Pantone Fall 1, Pantone Fall 2, Pantone Fall 3, Pantone Fall 4

As you can find in some of my earlier posts, I love these colors but this is my first set that I have posted using the cool pastel color; Orchid Hush.  This is such a soft and sweet pastel that is so versatile and lovely that I couldn't wait to share ideas of how we all can wear Orchid Hush right away! 

The pastel side of the color can be worn in the spring, easily, but I can't wait to see Orchid Hush used well into the winter months as the icy undertones of this pale periwinkle, are a perfect cold weather compliment.  Anyway, lets start the inspiring display of outfit boards.  Here are 3 boards that give some ideas on how to mix and max pieces to Pull Together looks for work, casual and night life occasions from now through the early autumn. 

In this set I have paired a fantastic black and graphite pearl accented ensemble with the soft pastel of the Orchid Hush cardigan.

This casual and eclectic outfit was inspired by Orchid Hush. The beautiful color can be just as casual as anything else when paired with your favorite pair of jeans and some ornately designed wedges. I love the look of these artistic shoes, but I hate the price tag. I wonder how I can get the look of these for less $$. Any ideas??

This high end night life ensemble was inspired by the beautiful Orchid Hush, which can be sweet but paired with a bright pink, it can be a sassy tone too! Walk out of the house in this fabulous outfit and you won't be coming home bored!!!  Some of the pieces are way over priced in my book, but remember these are idea boards that are meant to give you ideas on how you can wear the color in different situations.  The links are here as a reference and not to endorse a product.

***Hey, if you are interested in the pieces of these or any Idea Boards, maybe we can start a Look 4 Less hunt - "Pull Together Your Look 4Le$$".  Send me your requests for which pieces or looks you would like to find and I will try to feature them in a post for you.   

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