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Friday, October 28, 2011

Top Picks - Halloween Door Decor!

Today's Top Picks are focused on HALLOWEEN!!!  I LoVe the holiday so much because there is no gift giving expected and no need to rush around stressing over the things that some other winter holidays can bring.  When else can you dress up and be whatever or whoever you want to be and not be  locked away in a padded room??  Besides, the color combinations for Halloween are just so fun and playful and so is the decorating and DIY craft opportunities!  YAY Halloweeeeeeeen! Ok, enough with my love for the holiday and on to the top picks.

Halloween Wreaths are starting to pop up more and more every year but this year I have found a whole collection of AMAZING wreaths that people have made for Halloween.  I think it would be a really cute idea to print out these pictures of the wreaths and pop them in a bunch of similar frames hanging around your door.  It's one of those fun play on decor ideas that you can Pull Together for free with these printable images!

These are the TOP 10 Halloween DIY wreaths.  It was a VERY hard job to pick only 10!

I hope you enjoyed these wreaths and feel inspired to Pull Together some of your own DIY Halloween wreaths!

I didn't want to be bias so I eliminated my DIY Halloween wreath from the running but I still wanted to share my project with you.  I have to say that it is one of my favorite decorations when Pulling Together my own Haunted Halloween, just because it was so fun to make!

To recreate my Ghost & Ghoul wreath, you will need: 
  • 12 tennis balls
  • Marker or pen
  • 1 package of googly eyes
  • 1 leftover cardboard box- one side must be at least as large as the diameter of your tennis balls in a circle. 
  • Strong scissors or box cutting knife
  • 1 glue gun
  • 1 package of glue sticks for glue gun
  • scrap fabric in white - no more than 3 quilting squares big
  • skinny ribbon (any color or pattern) for accents
  • yarn (the amount of colors are up to you, I used only purple yarn. black hair = pipe cleaners)
  • 1 small package of pipe cleaners (optional) if you decide to use this in place of yarn for hair
  • Acrylic paint in white, purple, orange, green, black
  • Paint brush - tiny to small in size
  • 1 sheet of each color felt; green, orange, black
Building the wreath:
  1. Cut the cardboard box to create a flat surface without any folds or corners in the flat surface.  This is going to be the back of the wreath, providing stability for the wreath so it is important not to have folds in this one piece.    
  2. On top of the flat cardboard backing, lay out the 12 tennis balls in a circle so that each ball is snug against the others. 
  3. Carefully use a pen or marker to trace the circle inside and outside of the tennis ball circle 
  4. Remove the tennis balls and cut the cardboard inside your traced lines so that the cut wreath shaped backing is skinnier than the balls are thick, you want as much stability as possible without the cardboard backing showing through.  You could always cover it or paint it in case it does show through, but honestly it isn't that necessary.  
  5. Paint the background color of the tennis balls, use the image above to inspire and guide you. set aside to let dry.  you may need to paint a second coat.
  1. Pumpkin: Cut the green felt into 6 strips about an inch wide. From short end, roll 1" x 8" green felt tightly for stem; glue side closed with fabric glue. Glue end to pumpkin. 
  • 3 of these green rolls will be jack-o-lantern stems and 3 will be ghoul noses.
  1. Witch: Draw a witch’s hat peak shape. Paint any colored circles for background of eye area (like eye shadow).  Glue googly eyes on eye paint area.  Cut and glue small (1/2" x 3/4") triangular orange-felt nose to green ball. Draw various shaped mouth with black paint and your small paint brush. Cut pieces of yarn for witches hair about 3 inches long, but no need to measure exact lengths since witches should look a little disheveled.  Glue on your hair yarn (no need to glue to back since it will be attached and blocked by the cardboard. Cut 3 black felt half circles (for pointy hat peak) which are about 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter and 3 inch circumference black-felt circle for brim; roll and glue peak; glue to brim. Glue to head. Add any patterned ribbon if you chose to add this accent piece. 
  1.  Ghoul: Get the 3 green felt rolls you set aside earlier for nose.  Paint the background of the eyes on the purple ball and glue googly eyes on.  Paint the funny or scary shaped mouths on the  purple ball. Glue yarn hair. For stovepipe hat; cut the orange felt into 1 inch strips length wise across the 11 inch sheet of felt. Roll the orange felt pieces into tight rolls, think cinnamon roll looking.  Glue side closed; glue bottom to center of a 2 inch diam orange felt circle for brim.
  1. Ghost:  Paint black bean shaped blobs for eye backgrounds (or any shape you want) and then glue the googly eyes onto the white balls. Paint what you want for the rest of the face.  Cut the scrap white fabric so that it goes around the center of the widest part of the white balls and then cut the bottom of that piece in wavy lines so that it looks like the bottom of the Pac-Man ghosts.  Using the glue gun along the "waist line" of that fabric you just cut, and then attach the fabric to the fullest part of the ghost ball.  

  1. Build the wreath
  2. Line up the completed tennis balls along the cut cardboard circle backing of the wreath.  Make sure you have decided where the top of the wreath is and straighten the faces so that they all are positioned the way you want them to be once the wreath is in hanging position.
  3. Pick a ball to start with and glue the back of that ball to the cardboard backing.  
  4. Remove the ball next to the previously glued ball and this time glue a dime sized blob on the back of the ball as well as put a small dot of glue gun glue on the attached ball's side which will connect to the ball in your hand.  ex: If I start with the witch in the top of the wreath picture, I have glued her to the wreath backing.  I would then move to the ghost to the right in the image and glue a dime size blob to the back of the ghost and then a small glue dot to the side of the witches head (from my view of the picture it would be to the right of the witch, from the witch's perspective it would be around her left ear.)and then attach the ghost ball to the side of the witch's head and then press it to the cardboard backing. 
  5. Continue gluing the character tennis balls to each other and to the backing of the wreath, using instructions from step 4.
  6. Wrap a ribbon around the cardboard between two of the characters, creating a loop to hang the wreath, and tie a nice bow to finish off the hanging wreath.
I love that all my faces are just a little different from the other characters, like they all have their own personality. 

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween's top picks for DIY seasonal wreaths along with my own little DIY creation for Halloween Door Decor!

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