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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What to Wear - Pantone's Fall 2011 (3): Emberglow & Coffee Liqueur

I know it's HoT out there but if you are anything like me you are so excited about the new Fall colors and sales that are popping up all around us, that you want to jump head first into the whole nine yards.  You may have read in some of my other earlier posts (Pantone 2, Pantone 1, ) that I am on a mission to show you how to wear some of Pantone's Fall 2011 fantastic fall color combinations while we are in the midst of what I like to call a Crossover Season. 

The best way to describe the "Crossover Season" is when the previous season's weather is still sticking around but the upcoming season's clothing is out in stores and the air is filled with excitement of the new season.  I don't really have any name for this Crossover Season, maybe "Summall" or "Summtumn".  Maybe that needs more work, or maybe I am thinking WAY too far into this whole name thing all together and should stick with the generic but fitting "Crossover" description. 

Anyway, here is a fantastic idea board showing you some inspiring pieces that can get you through the steamy days and layer up as the nights start getting a little cooler.  I hope you are inspired to reach into your closet and Pull Together some of your seasonal crossover pieces and pair them up with Pantone's Fall 2011 colored pieces! 

What I love best about this set is that we can get extremely affordable pieces, mix them with with classic pieces we may already have in our closets (Jean jacket) and then pile on the trendy accessories.  This eclectic mix of pieces in the selected colors, are what make the perfect outfit that anyone will envy.  This is the perfect seasonal crossover look that incorporates the Fall color Emberglow and some of Pantone's spring/summer colors like blue curacao. I hope you are inspired!

  • Women's Twist Front Maxi Dress $16 -

  • Tag Milk denim jacket $240 -

  • Women's Merteau Thong WW - Coral- Jaclyn Smith-Shoes-Womens-Casual $13 -

  • Studded Tote Bag $30 -

  • Galluzzi $18 -

  • Coral Orange Oval Stone Ring $11 -

  • Filigree Owl Earrings | Jewellery Necklaces Bracelets Earrings Rings Bags B...  $13 -

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