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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial - Jewelry Organization

I am always hunting for fun jewelry and the more I collect, the more I need creative storage and organization ideas to keep track of all my fab finds.  It sounds dumb but disorganized accessories can add so much unexpected time to my routine in the mornings and disrupt my attempt at being Pulled Together.

I am a lover of pegboard and happen to have extra pegboard in my garage on a regular basis but if you don't, then you may want to after seeing this simple DIY project for organizing and displaying your jewelry!

Frugal Home Designs blogged this project that she used for a dress up area but it’s perfect for a Pulled Together dressing area or closet! 

spray paint
pegboard accessories.
peg board baskets which were $3 a piece


  • Start with your frame and cut the pegboard to fit into the frame

  • If you know you are going to paint your peg board a different color than your frame, paint each piece before you glue them together

  • Attach the peg board to the inside of the frame with Gorilla Glue and apply some weight.

  • Ready for some primer and paint.
    •  Now it was time to move on to my pegboard accessories, baskets and hangers. I primed and then spray painted them Watermelon by Kylon.

    • Here we are all painted and installed. There is a basket for rings, a basket for bracelets, and hangers for necklaces.

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