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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Do I Wear This? - nude wedge sandals

Dear Pulling It Together,
I found some Chinese Laundry wedges that I am truly in love with! The only problem is I am not sure what to wear with them. Could I please get some ideas on what to wear with these in patent nude?

Thanks!  Phorrest99

Hi Phorrest! 
First, let me say how much I love these shoes!  They are so cute and versatile!!!  I have a load of outfits to inspire you on how you can wear these shoes.  I want to remind you that these are just some of the ideas and you can take the concepts of these idea boards and switch out pieces for some that you have in your closet or if you like cropped jeans from one set instead of shorts from another, change them out.  I put a variety of styles and cuts in these boards so you can see how all different cuts, styles and colors work with these shoes!

Ok, here are the idea boards for you...

This look is perfect for a night out for a rockin' summer concert or club downtown. 

Pulling the reflective surface of the shoes, the purse is also patent but in a bright color so that it's not too matchy, matchy.

An earthy green and beige ensemble is worn comfortably and casually. This ruffled top is stylish with a relaxed femininity and paired with the rugged denim fabric, this whole look can go from a picnic to a casual dinner with the ladies with no problems. The muted tones of the materials leave room for more embellished accessories like a braided tassel bag or a sculptured ring and carved bangles.

Going to a rooftop party or a just feel like letting your sparkly personality shine this summer?  This casual but glittery look is the perfect look for you!

This sparkly top is dressed down with these relaxed denim shorts and fantastic beige toned gold accessories. The batik scarf brings in some touches of refreshing aquas, purples and warm beige. This ties the lavender ring and handbag into the boho chic summer set.

This happy hippie fashion look was inspired by the strappy wedge shoes in the bottom corner. The beige and blue is perfect for the afternoon out with family and friends or a trip to the zoo. This Casual look is detailed with embroidery and cobalt blue accessories reflecting some of the blue embellishment. Gray blue polish finishes off the look with a muted version of the blue jewelry. The blue text on the ultra chic fashion tote brings together the whole eclectic look.

This rose garden isn't stuffy or full of old ladies in fancy dresses, this is an everyday look with touches of roses popping up throughout the outfit. The beige shoes and bag are the perfectly neutral accents for this soft and sweet look. The straps on the sandals are a great compliment to the ribbons of beige throughout this floral print top.

Trying to beat the heat but not willing to skip the season's outdoor markets and fairs?  Try pairing some cmfortable wedges for walking with a light weight and airy maxi dress. 

I was inspired by the craft fairs all over the summertime calendars when I created this look. Sky blue accessories that are reminiscent of the jewelry and hand sewn summer totes that we may find at a local craft fair. This look inspires the artistic energy to flow throughout your life.

Continuing with the yellows, I added some golden sun tones in this fantastic look.  Golden yellow colored accessories with touches of worldly influences are all over this look.  I was inspired by accessories like the giraffe printed bracelets and the botanical garden textured bag and the tortoise shell glasses, fiery volcano looking earrings and the necklace set that looks like a pebbled beach.

This summer time set was inspired by the fantastic beige wedges and the feeling of emerging from some enchanted forest, just over the last hill.  Feel  the magic surrounds you as you strut your stuff in these super cute beige strappy wedges.

Wear these fabulous wedges to work this Friday by pairing them with some structured cropped trousers, a solid colored top, great accessories and a bright cardigan for a conservitively fun look. 

The jewel tones don't have to be just for fall and winter, they are perfect refreshing colors for spring and summer when you lighten up the tones and make them pastels.

Want to dress up your look, use the ultra trendy midi dress to help you do just that!

The bright green/aqua midi dress is the perfectly paired piece for these fantastic shoes. The dress brings out the formal look of the shoes and the mid calf length is not only trendy, but flattering. A woven straw bag is the perfect casual balance to the pleated dress so that you can wear this outfit all day and night.

I hope this helps inspire you to pull some great looks together with your new shoes!  GREAT FIND!

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