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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What To Wear - Office Presentation with Personality

Hi All!  I am very excited to say that a good friend of mine is going to have an interview tomorrow which includes a presentation so today I am posting about my friend and what she is going to wear tomorrow.  I stepped in  to help her shop her closet and dress up her black pants and blazer to create a winning interview/presentation look.  She's got the brains, she's got the skills and now hopefully she will have a fantastic and memorable look that is polished, professional and gives a splash of personality.

The multi layer necklace will be peaking out from behind the statement collar of the satin blouse that will catch the light without being flashy.  The classic, conservative look of the black suite still has a taste of personality in this case because we added the deep purple color that can be found in the solid colored sleeveless blouse, pointed heels and fabulous handbag which will be tucked away during the presentation of course. For the nails and face, I recommend a coordinated but more muted and traditional shade and tone of the purple accent on the nails while a light mauve, pearly finished gloss tops the lips.  For interviews, natural is better than a show face but in this case, we are going for a look that the audience can see from the back row.  For an interview/presentation, try to go for the effect of a subtly colored pearlized sheen rather than blasting color, which may come off during the presentation and end up looking sloppy and undone.  Finish the face with a touch of glow on the cheeks to reflect the light as she knocks them dead!  

When in doubt, remember interviews and presentations are like a conservative showcase of yourself.  Always polished, finished and focused on every detail, add a touch of personality to your conservative look to make you memorable and let your abilities shine! 

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