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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Do I Wear This? Tina's Unworn Pieces (Part3)

The last two posts, I introduced some fantastic pieces from a readers closet, that have gone unworn for no other reason than the owner doesn’t know how to wear these beloved clothing pieces.   If you are like Tina (and me…) then you ask the same question that so many of us have as we look into our full closets and can’t figure out a single thing to wear.  "HOW DO I WEAR THIS????"

Today is Part 3 of this “How Do I Wear This?” post as I go through some of the pieces Tina has issues with, share how I identify what she (& each of us) love about the pieces we don't wear and Pull Together the perfect look so our favs don't sit alone in a dark wardrobe anymore. 

So, here's how you get started...
When you find yourself caught up in the confusion of how to wear a fantastic blouse or a trendy top, ask (and answer in detail) what you love about that specific top.  You can always practice with a pet, friend or try this activity in your head, they key is to literally describe the piece to you or someone else.

It would go something like this when I asked Tina for her description: 

Question- Describe this unworn top to me!

Answer- "My sister gave it to me as a gift, I love the color purple and it’s a nice purple in the front, more of a blue purple on the whole back and then navy neck.  It’s really square, so I don’t know how to wear it or what to wear it with, since there are so many colors.  Do I do purple or blue? I don’t know, so I feel bad that I haven’t worn it since my sister gave it to me.”

Try to remember my spiel from the other posts - It doesn't matter what words they use, what's important is where in the description their eyes light up and what aspect they love most!  Then, accentuate the aspect of those shoes that made those peepers pop!

Today I focus on an awesome color block top Tina received as a gift and still doesn't know how to wear.

This top was hard to find when I made the sample looks below, so I used one that was very similar in cut, shape and color.  Since these looks are samples that help us get the conceptual plans for Pulling Together looks in our own closets or at our favorite stores, so don't focus on the differences of the top, but more so on the similarities. 

Look Number 1:
Tina's purple & navy sleeveless blouse is the inspiration for this brightly colored spring look. Color block heels with a touch of the color from the blouse, pulls the pieces together without being too matchy, matchy AND adds different colors into the whole look. Skinny pants in a yellow, complimentary to her skin tone as well as the top add a lighter layer to the dark blouse. The jewelry was chosen in black and brighter yellow color pallet to really make the color blocking trend pop this Spring/Summer season. Have fun with color and turn up the bright for this fun look!

Look Number 2:

Look number 2 is a more neutral and traditional option for Tina's blouse. The classic square lines of Jackie Kennedy’s tops are back and all over the fashion scene. I couldn't help but be inspired by Jackie when styling Tina's top into an entire look. Keeping the look simple, I accessorized with a classic stack of pearl and diamond bracelets and pair of earrings. Oversized sunglasses are perfectly on trend with this whole retro  look, as long as the glasses and jewelry aren't too bedazzled, they work with the outfit no matter the color. A staple of Jackie's wardrobe is a fabulous pair of flats so I added pearl colored flats with an accent bow in the color or the accent on the sleeveless blouse. Neutral and clean lined cropped ankle pants keeps this style casual with a vintage glam flare. A modern handbag in the repeated pearl color finishes the classic look with an updated twist.

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