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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How do I Wear This? Tina's Unworn Pieces (Part2)

Yesterday, I was telling you about a fantastic question that came from a fabulous friend and reader who has some favorite pieces in her closet and faces the same issue so many of us have faces as we look into the closet.  

Today is part 2 of that post as I go through some of the pieces she has issues with, share how I identify what she (and each of us) love about the pieces we don't wear and Pull Together the perfect look so our favs don't sit alone in a dark wardrobe anymore.  

When you find yourself caught up in the confusion of how to wear your fav shoe, ask (and answer in detail) what you love about the footwear.  Practice with a friend or mentally practice this activity when you get stumped but literally describe the piece. 

It would go something like this when I asked Tina for her description:  

Question- Describe this pair of shoes to me!
Answer- "It's a wedge in black with amazing texture, a hint of boho/artsy flare and amazingly unique cut outs in the wood heel"

Try to remember my spiel from the other posts - It doesn't matter what words they use, what's important is where in the description their eyes light up and what aspect they love most!  Then, accentuate the aspect of those shoes that made those peepers pop! 

Today we focused on the pair of shoes that Tina recently found (and LOVES) but doesn't know how to wear.

Sample Outfit Using the Above Piece:

Why It Works:
The shoe is black (although the sample look image doesn't look black) and has textured leather work so I wanted to bring out the amazing artistry in the texture of the ankle and foot straps by bringing in a similar crochet pattern  in a cropped cardi in the same color.  Texture is also reflected in the coral bangles. A fav. spring color combo of mine is Coral & Kelly Green so I paired a ruffle front sleeveless coral flirty skirted dress with a luscious green buckled bag and sweet green floral earrings.  The dress is feminine and the fullness has a slightly boho feel with a classic cut and topped with a braided leather belt pulls the shoe back into the upper half of the whole look.  Layer it up and rock it when you go out this spring!

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