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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Decor - Purple Royalty!

There has been a LOT of fashion posts lately as I have not had much time or energy to do much else outside of going to work and of course getting all dressed for work.  I wanted to get back to Pulling my house and rest of life Together so here we go, home decor posts to help you Pull Together some inspiring royalty in your castle.  

I was searching around the web for cool things, as I often do, trying to find an idea or some inspiration for a holiday weekend project.  I need something creative to fill my time this weekend, not data, no stress... maybe one family function but mostly I need to find a creative outlet for myself this weekend.  

Anyway, I was looking for something inspiring to do to my house and then I ran across the color purple! No, not the movie or play, but the actual color.  Why is purple so inspiring you ask? Well, did you know The original color purple was called Tyrian purple, which is where the name purple was derived. Tyrian Purple was the dye extracted from a mollusc found in what is currently known as Lebanon.  Purple became a symbol of royalty because only the very wealthy could afford it. Therefore, Tyrian purple was also called imperial purple.

In China, the Chinese name of the Forbidden City literally means "purple forbidden city" 紫禁城 with first character 紫 meaning purple.

All in all, purple is the color of royalty and who among us doesn't want to be royalty or even consider ourselves as royalty at some point in our lives.So this season I want to show you how I added a little royalty to my house :)
purple paint

This was such an inspiring image that it drives me to share my home with you.  Warning - if you are all about beige, I recommend you put sun glasses on or turn back now because I have to say that I really played with color in my living room. 

A little purple can go a long way, If you can Pull Together a bold, saturated purple, go for it! I will show you the walls I did when I got my house (2 years ago), and I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it turned out! the key with bold colors is to stay within a color palette for the rest of the room and also to use colors and textures that balance and compliment.  In this case, I picked the wall color before picking my wood floor color. 

This is a room in progress now, and although it has come a LONG way ( I will have to do a post of the work that was put into the transformation so far) it is still not done.  I just love the vivid color though and the bright white and deep black accents are beautiful against it. 

It's funny, I didn't even notice that the inspiration image has a silver mirrored table that is almost the same as my DIY table in the bottom left of my living room picture below. That project was one of my favorite because it was a chance find and a super easy transformation that looks amazing and just gets so many compliments. Too bad I didn't take pictures back then so I have nothing to post about it.
 Paint/Color = Behr Premium Plus Paint in "Peru UL100-19"

Pull some bold purple colors into your space to refresh your look and liven up your day.  Even if it's not paint, a large canvas painted purple can have the same effect.  You can always paint beige over it if you really hate it, but I have to say, I LOVE IT!

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