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Monday, September 5, 2011

Easy Interior Makeover - Coupon Central

Happy Holiday Weekend! I have been trying to clean out my house, update my life and Pull It Together since... well since I have been alive.  This holiday weekend was the perfect opportunity to to squeeze in a few hours of unscheduled time so I could go into the storage room (that room piled with boxes that somehow never gets unpacked when you move) and get supplies for home update projects. This post shows how I Pulled Together a DIY Coupon Central makeover project.

I found this cork board that I had when I was a little girl and I literally have moved it from house to house, without ever removing the carefully cut out magazine ads for porcelain dolls that I wanted so badly.  Anyway, I removed the cut outs and the memories that came with them and already felt less weighed down by "stuff".  YAY... now I am on a roll!

After deciding what I wanted to use the board for and where it would go, I picked out my colors.  Yeah, that's right I was getting rid of the ballet shoes, name and pink little girly design.  I have to remind myself all the time that I still have my memories, I don't need the unused stuff filling up my house or my life, just to remember that I was a ballerina.

I painted the frame with regular acrylic craft paint, drying super fast because many cork boards have untreated wood frames which just soak up the moisture. Using left over house paint from my sample jars, which I always get before painting any room, I started painting the cork portion.  House paints  provide much more coverage in porous projects, less coats equals more time with your finished DIY project.  Cork absorbs paint so quickly so drying time is cut virtually in half.  If you are painting over any previously painted design like I am here, then you may want to paint over the designed area first like you see over the hearts in this picture. 

I dug up all the red push pins in my multicolored packages and pinned them into a group, keeping the clean fresh look overall.  I love the way that this fresh white paint took my little board from old and worn out to useable and versatile.  Most of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this works with my kitchen!

I have a chalk board wall where I can write my shopping lists and to-do lists but the coupons for that shopping list just get lost or start piling up in little piles all over the house.  These coupons go unused and expire all the time while cluttering up my house, they need a home BAD!
This updated cork board is their new home - the Coupon Central, I like to call it:

I hope this inspired you to look at some of your old items, maybe something taking up room in your life that isn't being used in it's current state.  Pick something that makes your life easier today, something that can help you be that Pulled Together woman (or man) with that perfectly Pulled Together life... or at least help you on your way to living that life!

**Send me some of your DIY projects that helps you live that Pulled Together life**

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