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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What to Wear - Patterned Wednesday Work Wear

This look is perfect inspiration for Pulling Together a Fall outfit (now that we finally officially passed labor day) that you can wear to work without waiting until the weather gets cold enough for boots.  Wednesday is the time for a mid week pep up and a new combination of your work wear is just the thing to pep up our moods.  I would add a brown structured blazer to this look for my office, but you may not need to.  This look can take you to work, PTA, dinner with the fam or out with the girls.  It is so versatile! 

** Quick Tip for an fast, cheap & easy transition into Autumn: Add some copper tones into your makeup look to ease into the Fall season, like the copper toned red included in the idea board below. 

This skirt is uber expensive so I am going to do what I can to find you a comparable Look For Le$$!  If you have something in your closet that could be used for a similar look, go for it!  The key is the right color and print in the right knee length cut with pleats and an A-line shape.  I challenge both of us to finding a perfect Look For Le$$ that you can use to Pull Together a work wear outfit inspired by this board!

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