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Thursday, September 1, 2011

How Do I Wear This? - Autumn Yellows

I was chatting with some friends at work who were very interested in adding some yellow pieces into their wardrobes.  I was really excited to hear that they were all interested in reaching outside of their boxes and their comfort zones.  The only thing holding these women back is the worry that we are now moving out of Summer and into Autumn months. 

Today I have Pulled Together some looks that are all Fall looks with a focus on yellows.  I hope that this set of posts can help you Pull Together that golden yellow look that feels more Autumnal and less Spring/Summer. 

Don't pack away your yellow this fall! Pull out your gold and yellow pieces and layer it with some fall fabrics in similar yellow hues. Think corduroy, velvet and suede. Combine your yellows with complimentary autumn tones like cedar greens, cranberry and burnt oranges for a distinctly Fall pallet. Layer, layer, layer for that autumnal look that can also keep you cool when you need to take off one or two layers. This way you can wear your sleeveless tops across all seasons without freezing or looking too out of date. Play with a pattern in your base top, then layer on solids and textures through out the rest of your look.



So when you are switching out your summer clothes and unpacking all your Fall looks, don't pack away your yellow pieces!  Layer them with all your traditionally fall colors and textures so that you can really get the most out of your closet. I love that yellows and golds are so warm and lustrous as we start getting into the colder months. This collection of outfits is providing 3 completely different styles for three different women or in my case, the multiple personalities that live in my closet. I used mostly browns and deep golds and cognac colors in combination with the yellow pieces to bring them from spring/summer and right into the perfect autumn wardrobe!

Go ahead and Pull Together your most seasonally appropriate YELLOW outfits this fall! 

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