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Monday, August 1, 2011

Looking Slimmer Instantly with SHOES!

I was reading Good Housekeeping and found a great article on looking slimmer instantly (who doesn't love that idea) and I ran across the snippit on a great old idea of nude shoes.  This was the perfect opportunity to remind myself and all of us to pull out or nude shoes and immediately knock off the inches.   The keys for this trick are A) to find a color that matches your skin tone and not what the images say "nude" is and B) Pointy toes are more leg lengthening than round toe, square toe, or peep toe.  It's the visual trick that adds miles to your legs.

Strategically slenderizing styles, designed to camouflage and conceal, can make you look slimmer in seconds — no dieting or exercise required.

Smart styles that visually lengthen legs. With footwear that matches your skin tone, your legs will seem to go on forever. Stick to high heels versus flats, and skip ankle straps.
Clockwise from top left: Nine West, $79.
Charles David, $230. Naturalizer, $59.
Life Stride, $50.
Stuart Weitzman, $180.

Check out the article yourself for more great ideas on ways to look instantly slimmer, at

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