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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thrill Seeking Thursday

Thursdays are the best day to really have fun with career wear before casual Friday. Now on the back end of the weekly race to the weekend your energy is down but your adrenalin is up just thinking about getting through the week as you see the light at the end of this meeting filled tunnel.   This is the best chance to show off what we've got in our closets, to try out a new color or style when people are rushing around trying to meet deadlines and may not notice if we have a flop in our wardrobe experiments.  If our experiments work, then we hit pay dirt because people notice a good thing and are too busy to notice, much less comment on, a bad outfit.  Get a thrill out of trying a new blouse you saw on the mannequin or wear a skirt you never took the tags off of in your closet. 

Try experimenting in your closet and be inspired by this outfit with movement and texture without anything too crazy.  Seek out a thrill in your own collection or in these links and try to have fun with it!

  • Biba Sleeveless ruffle blouse  $120 -

  • Alexander mcqueen trousers GREY $475 -

  • Jeffrey Campbell Mind the Mint Wedge $146 -

  • Emilio Pucci Glass crystal and stone-embellished cuff  $895 -

  • Small Circle Earrings, Yellow $28 - 

  • Yellow & Gold Purse - $46.95

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