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Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY & Organization - Update A Used Plain Shelf

Everyday (or more realistically, every week) I continue my mission to organize and update my home to make daily life more efficient, enjoyable and basically more Pulled Together. If you are like me then you haven't won the lotto and don't have an unknown wealthy aunt that left you bazillions of dollars to play with, so you don't have unlimited money to buy the latest and greatest organization tools.

I have plenty of shelving that I have picked up over the years and since it has been picked up over years, it has also gotten bumped and scraped over those years of living.  I end up putting them in some storage space to wait for a place to use them where the chipped edges can't be seen. It never happens, so I go buy another shelf to hang on the wall and waist space storing the messed up pieces.  Today I saw the GREATEST idea! I am always collecting coupons, lists and sticky notes that I left around the house, why kill two birds with one stone and cover those unsightly blemishes on the edges of my shelf with pieces of cork?!?!?!  

Cork is so inexpensive and can be cut to any shape, very easily! You can use wine corks from memorable nights, or buy a flat roll... it's totally up to you! Use some E6000 to glue the cork to the edges of your shelf and create a place to collect all your papers AND display books or collectibles.  Find some pretty push pins and start beautifying your collection of papers and piles rather than... well... piling them.

Don't throw away your used organizing tools just because they have been bumped and bruised a little, UPDATE using your creative DIY skills!  Send me some of your updated organization ideas.

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