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Sunday, January 29, 2012

What to Wear - Stay Home Snow Day

As the warm streak ends across most of the country, it's easy to slip into hibernation mode and throw on some comfy sweat pants because "no one will see you anyway", but STOP THE NONSENSE!  ha, just kidding about the yelling but I am not kidding about needing to stop the grunge wear.  Lift your mood and lift your confidence by getting out of that hibernation mind set before it sets in.  You can be comfortable and warm without looking like you borrowed your big brothers gym clothes and have been wearing them since high school. Lol!

So, you ask, "What should I be wearing on snowy winter weather days at home??"  Check out this layered look with plenty of comfort and plenty of warmth without the tiniest piece of anything remotely sweatsuit looking.

Texture, texture, texture! That is the key to looking cool and staying warm this winter! Mix and match textures while sticking to a simplified color pallet and you can't go wrong. Get inspired by this look, the concepts or just the individual pieces and Pull Together a look you would be proud to answer the door wearing!

Get these pieces:

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  1. What ESSIE nail color is this? I love it!