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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! - An Organized 2012

I hope all of your holidays were fantastic and you had a little more time to enjoy yourself this year.  It has been a while since I have posted and I do miss logging in and chatting with you all!  I was overloaded with holiday prep and work before getting extremely sick and being forced out of commission starting Christmas night.  It's nice to be a little better and getting back to picking myself up and Pulling it Together!

Now that the end of the year has come, if you are anything like me (and bajillions of other people) then you are probably thinking about how the new year will be... more organized, more healthy, more active, more, more, more of something.  In my case I am constantly trying to improve my organization strategies to fit my lifestyle and make daily life easier and more enjoyable.  As I was deep cleaning my space this morning in preperation of family visits (Christmas round 3), I realized that my house is FULL of cords and plugs which I have tried to pair down and purge but either my cords are having baby cords faster than I can purge or someone (wink wink) keeps bringing in more.  I was fighting a losing battle before I finally paused and realized that rather than doing the same thing over and over unsuccessfully, why not try something different, work with what I have so there is no need to bring any more in the door!

So, I decided today would be a great opportunity to share creative and easy ways to get control over the cords taking over my life.  I hope you can get inspired by some of these easy (and super cheap) ideas and find a LOT less cords, cables and wires come January 1st!!!!

If you have ever tried to unplug a fan and instead pulled the cord to your alarm only to spend an extra 15 minutes resetting the clock and all of your alarms, then you may find this genius use for bread tags (that's right, the little plastic tabs on your loaf of bread!!!) as helpful as I have!  Unplgged shared this simple but amazing idea and boy am I glad they did! 

   Do you have a lot of chargers or a bunch of laptop cords that all fall behind a desk or table, getting lost and tangled only to have you crawling around bumping your head trying to reach for the long lost cable that you need at that very moment???  This insanely easy way to use office clips to lock your cords into an easily accessible location may be the perfect solution for your space!

Toilet paper rolls can chorale each cord and wire in their own compartment while a large shoe box or boot box (deeper shoes hold the rolls better) contains the rolls in a single location.  I think a decorative basket or fabric bin should make the organized rolls or wires look fashionable so they don't have to stay hidden in a closet, especially if your closet space is as limited as mine is!

I would love for you to send me some of the great ideas you have for Pulling your lives Together in the New Year!

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  1. I really like the idea of having the chords choraled in the toilet paper holders! What a brilliant idea :o)