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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - DIY Thanksgiving Seating Cards

It's only ONE week before Thanksgiving and I know that I am not the only one who gets stressed out by the holiday.  Today I wanted to share some seating cards to help you Pull Together an easy holiday feast that looks like a pro spent weeks planning it...well, At least the table scape portion.

There are some amazing ideas and even some free printables out there that make projects so fun, easy and some that are even fast, allowing you to use all that extra time to plan out your Black Friday shopping.  (that's for Sat's post) Today I have shared a few ideas that I have collected from various creative people and sites in hopes of saving your sanity of planning and helping you Pull Together easier holiday entertaining.

Jars of holiday spices—nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon—evoke the colors and smells of the season. Wrap each with ribbon and secure it with a sticker on which the guest’s name is written.

Candlelight  and Place cards in one project -- Strips of parchment paper with friends’ names are wrapped around glass votive holders and secured with transparent tape.

Natural Pear Place Card - Set out a Bartlett pear. From cream-colored card stock or manila file folders, cut out strips and write guests' names in gold or brown ink. Affix each with a ball-head sewing pin.
Country Living

Napkin Placecard -  Practice your script first, then write each guest's name invisibly: try the Prym Dritz disappearing-ink pen. Immediately trace over the name in bronze, copper, or gold with a medium round-tipped ink marker, such as Uchida's DecoFabric Marker;(find the marker at Michaels Craft store)
Country Living

 In A Nutshell -Use a nutcracker to open whole walnuts just enough to slip in paper flags bearing guests' names.
Martha Stewart

Rustic place cards -- wedged into slits cut into wine corks -- make guests feel welcome right off the bat.  Sandwich a tooth pick between the layers of card stock and stab the tooth pick into s favorite wine cork. You can get the free printable template on the website link in the image caption!
Martha Stewart

 Brioche-Mold Place Cards - write names on card stock, and then sandwich each between mini heavy-duty magnets on inverted brioche or tartlet molds.
Martha Stewart

 Mini Flowerpot Hats -Tip your hat to the occasion by making these delightful personalized place cards from miniature flowerpots.
Better Homes & Gardens

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