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Friday, August 19, 2011

Designer Inspired - Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Today is one of those days where I can't help but miss the whole artistic side of life and design.  Yes, the DC area is one of the least stylish cities in the US.  I have heard it called (and use this line a lot) that DC is the city that style forgot. haha.  Anyway, as much as I try to fight that very justified stereotype by expanding my closet and perspective, I have to say that even "cutting edge" here doesn't have the purely artistic character of some of the runway fashions of yester-year.  I was craving some really beautiful and creative fashion this past weekend and fell in love with the looks in Zuhair Murad's Fall 2011/2012 collection.  These are so innovative and beautiful that no real person could pull off wearing them out on the streets.  You know the kind, ensembles that are perfect for paintings and magazine photo shoots, even the adventurous star is challenged to wear one of these gorgeous designs.  I look at these and see works of art that do way more for me than some flat painting in a national gallery.

Now, I don't make the money to buy a thread that feel off of one of these pieces but I can take ideas, theories and snippets of each look and apply it to the real world choices that are comparatively more plain but wearable. To get the most out of watching the unwearable runway looks, you want to really understand how to break them down and take away one or two features.  Take this fabulous look for example, it isn't exactly everyday that you can wear a sheer skirt, where only embroidered vines cover your nether regions, at least not without getting some very strange looks and maybe a citation or two.

What can we take away from this look to wear in real life? 
       (pick one or two features to add to your own more wearable look)
  • Embroidery
  • Bamboo like vegitation in patterns; clean lined organics rather than frilly florals
  • Rich, deep, saturated colors with shine
  • Abundant fabric in the pieces of the outfit.  Add pieces in your look that wrap, gather and pleat.  
  • Illusion/sheer fabrics,
  • V-necks that are more conservative like this over stated portrait neckline with sleeves and a fold over collar. 
  • One color throughout the entire outfit. Using pattern and texture in the single color, to create interest throughout your own look
  • Long sleeves
  • Satins, silks and reflective fabrics
  • Layers
  • Texture and detail throughout the look
  • Feminine fabrics and touches with structured shapes and cuts
  • Body hugging shape
  • Wrapped shoes
  • Ballet inspired shoes
  • Minimal accessories

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