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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Fun day

This casual Sunday outfit option is bright and easy to wear as you finish all your weekend's "have to's" as well as being fun for when you start on all the "get to's" on your to-do list!   I hope you get inspired by the citrus colors and asymmetrical patterns and cuts in this fun and functional ensemble.  Great style starts with great functionality and then add in some fantastic color and a dash of trend to complete the look. 

If you are shopping around in your closet for similar pieces or you aren't ready for the whole look, the keys to look for are; 
simple and classic cut pieces, a tailored but semi-lose fitting top for comfort and movement, cotton fabrics for comfort and ease, details & patterns for interest rather than elaborate cuts, trends in concentrated areas (like a slight asymmetrical neckline) rather than large trends in overall pieces, structured denim bottoms (any length goes this summer) for durability, wedge sandals which give height and are easy to run around in when you are rushing around, and finally brightly colored accessories.
~You don't have to be bright from head to toe, accessories can give you that summer bright without going outside of your comfort zone.

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