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Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Freebies

What can help us pull our lives together better than a little freebie tip?!?!?  I mean really, free food is always a bonus! I hope you enjoy these freebie tips on this fantastic Friday!

Today, July 8th, Chick Filet is rewarding customers who come in dressed fully, or partially, as cows because today is Cow Appreciation Day!  
  • "Come dressed like a cow from head to hoof and we’ll reward you with a FREE meal. (If you’re a little chicken, don’t worry, a partial costume still receives a free entrée.) And calves in costumes get free meals too; so bring in the whole herd for some family fun."
Get out the cow costume you have just waiting in your closet for such an occasion, or you can go to their Cow Appreciation Day website to download a Cow Costume Kit.  I have to say, I do love free food and I love dressing up but combining the two??? Sounds amazing to me! 
Please send me all your cow-rific stories and pictures!

If you’re looking for a freebie that has less costumes and is more convenient, check out what 7-Eleven has in store for you!  

This year 7-11 is celebrating their 84th birthday and giving US the gift!!!  The convenience store chain 7-Eleven is giving away free Slurpees on — you guessed it — 7/11

Participating 7-Eleven stores across the U.S. and Canada will serve up 5 million free 7.11-ounce Slurpee frozen carbonated beverages this day while supplies last.

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