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Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Blouse - 4 Looks

I recently had a friend confess that she won't wear a top on the weekend or for social events strictly because she hung it in the "work" section of her wardrobe and could not think of it as a "non-work" top ever again.  This is such a foreign concept to me, partially because I have a limited amount of clothes that fit at any given time and have to make them work for any function and partially because I have always experimented with my clothes and love to mix and match. 

Today's post is dedicated to that friend and all of you who can't see your own clothing outside of the box you put them in when you first brought them home (or for some of us who can't see options outside of how the piece was dressed on the mannequin). I hope that this post inspires you to get into your closet and mix up your work and social, casual and dressy pieces to come up with so many more options. Don't be afraid, try it all out and the worst case is that you don't like a specific mixed outfit and don't have to wear that mix again.  You never know if you don't try, so open your mind and open your closet to Pull NEW Outfits Together! 

One Blouse - solid colored, fabric detailing and soft fabric.

LOOK 1: The most obvious choice to me is taking a blouse and pairing it with sleek structured clothing and accessories for a classic office look.  Grays, blacks, texture and clean lines make this formal look perfect for any season (add or subtract a jacket of course) and any meeting.  This is a fantastic look but it is expected.

LOOK 2:  Office wear with a twist of fresh white.  Taking inspiration from the color and movement in the blouse's ruffles, this confetti look has a fun spring/summer feel while the structure and cut are still office appropriate.  This more formal option is also perfect for a luncheon, shower or a reception or party with the girls. I started with the clutch and built around that one accessory.

LOOK 3:  This casual look is painted with color, pattern and texture.  The bold color in the top is complimented with the bright colors and cuts of the accessories and jewelry.  The long dark jeans make it more of a dressy casual, not for slubbing around getting dirty, but perfect for weekend wear!  This is an amazing spring/summer option for the woman who is going out with friends and family or just about anything outside of the board room and office. 

LOOK 4:  This natural option is the most casual look using this ruffled blouse.  The jean capris are perfectly paired with wrapped wedge shoes in the various earth tones.  I paired this casually cool set with a straw tote embellished with a rose, leather cuff, wood and shell jewelry and laser cut earrings which all continue the earthy themed option which really allows the blouses' color to pop and shine. 

These are just 4 looks, but there are countless options that you can pull together with just this one piece repeated over and over.  I hope this has inspired you to rip down the red tape in your closet dividing the office section and the non-office section. 

**** I would love to hear what unexpected looks you tried and how they worked or didn't work for you!

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