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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome to the begining of the rest of our Blogging lives!

There can be so many options and so little time that we can easily find ourselves standing in our closets facing racks of blouses and thinking "I have nothing to wear". The same is true with trying to figure out the perfect pieces to pull together the perfect room and facing a warehouse full of furniture and art. Staring at a pantry full of ingredients and seeing "nothing to eat"? We can make it all easy and fun!!

After a long creative life I have decided (with the help of friends) to share the ideas, tips, tricks and tools that help me with Pulling It Together. This blog is dedicated to doing just that, having fun and sharing ideas that will help all of us pull together meals, parties, decor and wardrobes so that we no longer get stressed over the unlimited options out there.

Please feel free to ask questions, make requests and leave comments on anything your see and read here. This is a community of supporting friends who want to help ourselves live the styled life and help each other as we have fun Pulling It Together!!

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