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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Tips - Fashion Emergency Solutions

Over the years there have been so many clumsy disasters in my life that I have had to pick up tips and tricks to Pull myself Together on the spot otherwise I would be constantly sitting by myself because I would have had to leave work and social events.  Just a few weeks back I stepped out of my car in the morning, with my new boots on only to the heel completely separate from the rest of my boot leaving me 4" shorter on my right side.  I hadn't even gotten into the front door of my office yet and my day already had a fashion emergency.  Luckily I work with some fabulous ladies who also wear the same size and have extra shoes in the office for just such an occasion.

Well, that fashion emergency motivated me to post some helpful solutions to other fashion emergencies so we can all have a Pulled Together life! I hope you enjoy and find these as useful as I do.

  • You've sprung a run in your pantyhose - With sheer stockings coming back in vogue, runs are bound to be an epidemic. You can't reverse the laddering of hose, but you can stop a run from, well, running by daubing a drop ofclear nail polish at each of its ends. Another quick fix is to spray the run with hairspray for a similarly adhesive effect.
  • Your little black dress has big white deodorant streaks - Although special sponges are sold to remove these smudges, you can make the unsightly mark on your black dress disappear by rubbing the fabric vigorously against itself.  Try to use an inside piece of the fabric in case any residue does transfer without you noticing. 
  • Your new heels are sporting a sale sticker - As for that sticker that's welded to your sole, run a hairdryer over it or pass it under a hand dryer to melt the adhesive for easy removal.
  • Your hot heels have a scuff - Remove a scuff from patent leather by buffing it with a rag soaked in milk (just be careful to wipe off all the milk so it doesn't spoil and stink up your shoes). Waterproof mascara can be used in a pinch to cover up a scuff on black leather. 
  • You dribble toothpaste on yourself minutes before leaving the house-  Because of the whitening agents in most toothpaste, these unsightly splashes can't be eliminated with water alone. Add a drop of detergent to a damp cloth and rub it against the stain to remove it.
  • Your stiletto snapped- One false step and you're left limping along on a busted pump. Pogo over to the nearest CRAFT STORE and temporarily secure the heel onto the shoe with a drop of E6000 glue (the best glue for anything).  You can't walk on it for 24 hours but you can get some fold up ballet flats for the rest of the day and let your heel cure. 
  • Your over-eager hug left bronzer on a friend's shirt - Remove foundation, powder or bronzer marks with a baby wipe. Oil-based makeup like lipstick or cream blush can be obliterated with a spritz of hairspray or by blotting with a cloth soaked in a solution of water and dish soap (it cuts the grease
  • You've spilled red wine on your new dress - Alcohol got you into this mess and it's alcohol that will get you out of it. Neutralize the stain with white wine and blot it with a cloth until it disappears. Vinegar will also do the trick.
  • You are stuck with static cling -  Your skirt is glued to itself and sticking more with every step. Rub your tights or trousers down with an anti-static dryer sheet.  This also gives you a fresh from the dryer scent that you love so much. 
  • Your zipper is at half-mast and not budging a centimeter - Nothing will make you feel more like a four year old than struggling to get out of a coat with a stuck zipper. Free yourself by lubricating the teeth of the zipper with a crayon (hopefully the color of your zipper) or wax candlestick.
  • Your cardigan got snagged by your statement necklace -  Back away from the scissors! Cutting a thread will cause a mass unraveling; instead pull the loose loop through to the inside of the sweater and knot it if possible. Otherwise, paint it with (what else?) some clear nail polish to secure it until you get home.
  • Your button is holding on by a thread (literally) - Again, it's clear nail polish to the rescue! Brush a drop on the stitches to secure them temporarily. If a button pops off in a critical spot (like the center of your blouse), secure the shirt as invisibly as possible from the inside with a safety pin.
  • Your new shoes are digging into your feet—in a bad, kinda-bleeding way-If it’s the back of your foot that’s bugging you, try AirPlus Hug My Heels clear sticky gel cushions to keep your shoes from doing damage to your heels. Or slick a little clear gel deodorant on your feet where you think your sandal straps will irritate the skin. The silicone in the product will help things glide along easily.

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