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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Halloween DIY - Peek A Boo Pumpkins

I hope your weekend is going just amazingly!  I found the cutest easiest Halloween DIY project on and I just had to share with you! I just want to make these little peepers for all over the house and they would be SO fun on some Easter Eggs or even little baby pine cones to create little peepers for all different holidays.  This is a quick and easy project you can do today to make a big statement or conversation pieces all over the house.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 to 5 miniature pumpkins
  • a mixture of 3 to 5 small bowls and lidded dishes
  • spray primer (if any of the dishes are not black or white)
  • black and/or white spray paint
  • googly eyes
  • craft glue

Collect Dishes

Pull together a grouping of small, inexpensive bowls or lidded dishes. Tip: Search flea markets and thrift stores for super cheap options with character.

Spray Primer

The idea is to paint all the dishes black or white, so use spray primer to coat any of the dishes that aren't either of those colors.


Once the spray primer is completely dry, use black and/or white spray paint to coat all of the primed surfaces.

Attach Eyes

Apply craft glue to the back of a pair of googly eyes (Image 1), then attach one set of googly eyes to each pumpkin (Image 2). Tip: Place the pumpkins in the dishes before you attach the eyes so you can make sure they're positioned correctly.

Place Pumpkin Peekers in Dishes

Gently place the pumpkins in their dishes and have fun with adding these little peepers around the house to create conversation in every room OR bunch them together to make a bigger statement. 

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