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Monday, October 24, 2011

Makeover - Fall Outfits Under $250 (Part 1)

REDBOOK and Yahoo surveyed American women and discovered that more than 50 percent of you already have these fall staples in your closet. Missing one? Consider these… 

1. Black tank: Forever 21, $3.50;

2. White button-down: The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens, $88;

3. Long-sleeved solid-color tee: Three Dots, $46;

4. Knee-high boots: Banana Republic, $225;

5. Black leather belt: Lauren by Ralph Lauren, $48;

6. Sexy black heels: Charles David, $230;

7. Lace-trimmed cami: Josie Natori, $150;

8. Solid-color cardigan: Tory Burch, $325;

9. Black pants: Gap, $60;

10. Black skirt: Talbots, $80;

11. Skinny jeans: Ann Taylor, $88;

12. Patterned scarf: Echo Design, $85;

These pieces have the sort of fun shapes and details that will make your staples feel 100 percent cooler — and you can get them all for less than $250!

1. A jacket with utilitarian chic: UK Style by French Connection, $72;

2. An elegant blouse in a smile-inducing print: Missoni for Target, $39.99;

3. Slim, go-anywhere cargos: Basic Editions, $21.99;

4. Sexy-bright booties: Payless, $49.99;

5. Hipsterish (and comfy!) oxfords: Make Me Chic, $19;

6. A great, hyper-versatile dress: Mark, $38;

No offense to ANY of you fashionistas out there who may disagree, but I personally do NOT like the look of the #5 oxford shoes in the 2nd group of pieces, but who am I to stop the masses from wearing unflattering "newsies" looking shoes.  They seem to be popular since these pieces were picked by regular women, so I didn't want to delete them or ignore them in the posts. In Part 2 and 3 of the "Makeover - Fall Outfits Under $250" posting series, I am going to add outfits that Redbook Magazine put together, mixing and matching from the pieces above. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired to Pull Together other looks using these or similar pieces. 

To read more about these looks or this article, check out this link:
Cute Outfit Ideas - Cute Fall Outfits 2011 - Redbook

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