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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blueberry and Apple Wedding Ideas

This weekend my beautiful friend took advantage of the long weekend to go shopping for her bridal gown and work on wedding plans.  Great News, she looked amazing in EVERYTHING!  That also makes it challenging because one may or may not stand out as much as some of the others.  She has chosen an AMAZING color combo for her garden wedding and I wanted to share some idea boards with everyone.

 Don't worry I didn't put any real examples of her dress style so I am not giving anything away but I wanted to pull together some Ideas for how we can pull off the colors in this great setting.

Send me comments and feedback on your favorites and even some great unique ideas that you may have for the Blueberry and Apple theme. 

These mood boards/idea boards are all featuring the actual historical mansion and gardens where the wedding will take place.

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